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Fan-Made Batman: Bad Blood Posters Look Legit - What's A Geek

Fan-Made Batman: Bad Blood Posters Look Legit

We’re disappointed with the lack of promotional materials for the upcoming DC animated film Batman: Bad Blood so we turned to our artist friends to get any new stuff and it turns out she has. Folks, fan-made Batman posters for ‘Bad Blood’ by artist extraordinaire Basil Nacionales or B-Tan.

batman-bad-blood-fanmade-poster-by-basil-nacionales (1)

Maybe its about time to hand out What’s a Geek certified artists. Yeah, and if we officially do that (in the near future) B-Tan will definitely get the first plaque.

batman-bad-blood-fanmade-poster-by-basil-nacionales (5)

Anyway, the new animated series will be out early 2016 and will feature the returning cast from previous Batman animated movies such as Batman and Son.

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batman-bad-blood-fanmade-poster-by-basil-nacionales (7)

batman-bad-blood-fanmade-poster-by-basil-nacionales (6)

batman-bad-blood-fanmade-poster-by-basil-nacionales (4)

batman-bad-blood-fanmade-poster-by-basil-nacionales (3)

And yes we did notice the use of Taylor Swift’s EP cover for the song of the same title.

Batman: Bad Blood comes out 2016

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