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Summer Komikon 2016 - Komiks For Everyone - What's A Geek

Summer Komikon 2016 – Komiks For Everyone

Summer Komikon is back! This one-day event which brought together komiks artists and a ton of other creative people together was held in good ol’ Bayanihan Center in Pasig. April 16 was such a wonderful day where the freshest local comics were all thrust out into the open and where we, loving consumers, bought and enjoyed.

There were tons of activities ranging from the Philippine Red Cross sponsored Blood Drive to meet-and-greets with Andrew Villar, Budjette Tan and the authors in the newest Sulyap!

I mostly went there to check out what’s new in the indie komiks scene, and to get a copy of After Eden by Arnold Arre, which was one of the komiks that got me into reading for fun.

Check out the different tables we visited! And as what we did for Komiket, we will be listing down where you can contact all of these wonderful people below.

We had a blast going around the con floor and meeting with old friends and fellow geeks. Had awesome conversations with the people on the tables too; it was great to see how thriving the komiks community was. I even had the chance to talk to a total newbie who wanted to get into komiks and introduced him to many people whose works I find great. Man, Summer Komikon 2016 sure is something else!

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We got a whole lot of komiks this time around and we promise to get around to reviewing the like we did with Rob Cham’s LOST. One thing I noticed, though, was that there are a lot of komiks who touch on the prehistorical Philippines with some magical twists here and there. A number of komiks also dealt with a reimagining of the Philippines where superheroes or other races existed. All of them seem really interesting and we promise to write about them or lend you our copies! For now, check out all of the creators pages of the stuff we got here:

Visprint Inc.,: visprintpub.blogspot.com/

Mervin Malonzo’s Tabi Po 2: tabi-po.com

Eliza Victoria’s Wounded Little Gods: elizavictoria.com/

UP Lunarock: www.facebook.com/uplunarock

UP Grail: www.facebook.com/upgrail

Birdhouse Bakers: birdhouse-bakers.happy.ph

Happy Girl Co.: www.facebook.com/coffeebeforetalkie

Penguin Sews: penguinsews.tumblr.com/

Shape Happens: www.facebook.com/shapehappenings

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The Dark Knight PH: www.facebook.com/groups/TheDarkKnightPH/

Rian Gonzales: rianbowart.bigcartel.com

Lyndon Gregorio’s Beerkada: beerkada.net

Arnold Arre’s After Eden: arnold-arre.com

Toto Madayag’s Libreng Komiks: www.facebook.com/librengkomiks

Borg Sinaban and Paolo Chikiamco of Studio Salimbal: www.salimbalcomics.com/

Free Browsing Komiks: https://www.facebook.com/freebrowsingkomiks

Giosdesk: www.facebook.com/LakanAtMakisig

Precious Baltazar’s Tala: www.facebook.com/preciousbarts

Rob Cham’s Lost: robcham.me

Apol Sta. Maria’s Poopo the Cute: tinyletter.com/apol

That Guy and Jerk of Pockets Fulla Pillz’s Rocket Girl: facebook.com/pocketsfullapillz

Jed Siroy and Roy Vitangcol’s My Celestial Family: thestudiostudio.com

Arly Pescuela’s Kahel: www.facebook.com/KahelKomiks

Vaughn Pippin: hatboy.tumblr.com

Mika Bacani: junemonsters.tumblr.com

Diigii Daguna: toucanparty.tumblr.com

Kawangis Komiks’ Ma-i: www.facebook.com/kawangiskomiks

Aljon Perdon and Intergalactic Saucepan’s Agila: www.facebook.com/pinoyheroplus

Francis and Patrick Concepcion’s I’m A Legal Alien: hawkersmag.com


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Enjoy all the other pictures we got from the event! Leave us a comment if you see yourselves in the pictures. Tweet us what you liked about Komikon at @whatsageek and like our Facebook page here!

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Check out my ramblings here at @rmzantua, though it'll be mostly me retweeting funny stuff.


I retweet and repost stuff here and there. Check out my ramblings here at @rmzantua, though it'll be mostly me retweeting funny stuff.

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