The Secret Wars Title THORS Should Be the Winner From Marvel Last Week

If you haven’t picked up Marvel’s Thors # 1 you’re missing out on a fun and mysterious comic book from Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse.

Thors 001-000a


So lets see. In this issue alone we get to meet more Thors but majority of the story revolves around the Thunderer Thorlief aka Ultimate Thor and Stormbreaker Ray aka Beta Ray Bill.

Thors 001-002


We also have other Thors like a Destroyer and a “rune” Thor

Thors 001-005

The Thors are also solving a mystery involving multiple murders of a woman who is later revealed to be…


Jane Foster


This is a fun book especially after seeing Groot as a Thor; also Storm as a Thor is so cool Marvel needs to do a miniseries.

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Oh and did I mention that they have Throg here?

Thors 001-012

I swear you guys have to pick Thors # 1 ASAP!

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