WAG’s Top 10 Video Games of 2016

7: Final Fantasy XV


Here’s one of the games that took 10 years to make. I was super hyped for the Final Fantasy Versus XIII reveal back in 2006. Final Fantasy XV FINALLY came out ten years later with a new title. Was it worth the wait? To be frank, in its current state, I give a hearty HELL NO.

There’s a myriad of issues I have with this game, the biggest one being the HUGE gaping plotholes found three-fourths of the way through the game. The game poses a lot of questions that are left unanswered, and frankly that’s unacceptable. Other than that, the gameplay is as automatic as it gets. All you do in battles is hold attack, occasionally hit your Warp Strike button, and occasionally dodge, and you win. THAT’s IT! If people complained about Final Fantasy XIII’s combat, this is worse. Also, the game boasts the most massive game world so far measuring roughly 700sq miles (almost twice of the former biggest world of Xenoblade Chronicles X’s 400 sq miles) BUT, the world is practically empty and full of invisible walls. SURE, it’s pretty, but it’s more of a pretty picture than a fully immersive world.

It may seem like I hate the game, but it’s on this Top 10 list for a reason. Despite all of it’s flaws, the best part of FFXV is still its story. To be more precise, the character development and the relationships between said characters were enough to hold my interest. The game does the smart thing and focuses more on characters rather than the typical J-RPG absurd plotline. The music is another great thing about the game. Yoko Shimomura is one of my favorite composers, and what she did for FFXV is simply amazing.

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At the end of it all, FFXV is a “confusing” game. There’s a lot of things to hate about it, but there’s also a lot of things to like. The developers have stated they’ll be adding more content to the game that will fix most of these issues (including more cutscenes), but this will never change the fact that my first playthrough will always be a “beta-test” and that kills me. Overall, I really do like the game as it is, but I am disappointed that the game was only “good”. I’ll go into more detail on this in the future, but for now though you can read more about these issues courtesy of our friends at Girls Got Game.

6: Enter the Gungeon


Last year (or was it two years ago?) I had The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on my top 10 list. For me, Gungeon was 2016’s Binding of Isaac. What I mean by this is that Gungeon is (well, was) the game I play to just kill time.

Gungeon is basically a Twinstick shooter with Roguelike elements. Honestly, it’s probably my favorite game in the genres, maybe even more so than Isaac. It has a really fun aesthetic of everything, and I mean everything, being related to guns and bullets (for example: the currency, and enemies are bullets). It has a VERY high difficulty curve, making it one of the hardest roguelikes I’ve ever played.

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If there’s one complaint I have about the game, it’s the fact that there are far too little synergies in the game. Unlike Isaac, most of what you pick-up in Gungeon are weapons that don’t interact with one another. The best way to explain this would be an example of an Isaac synergy: you can pick up an item that changes your shots into beams, another item that makes you fire 4 shots at once, and an item that gives you a controllable shot separate from your character rather than firing them. What this does is give you a controllable circle of death. You don’t get this sort of interaction in Gungeon, and items mostly don’t interact with one another. Overall though, I give Enter the Gungeon a hearty recommendation.




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Leandro Chan
Leandro Chan
Also known as the saltiest person on the planet. He loves all things geek particularly video games, board games, and anime.
Leandro Chan

Leandro Chan

Also known as the saltiest person on the planet. He loves all things geek particularly video games, board games, and anime.

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