WAG’s Top 10 Video Games of 2016

9: Doom


Doom 3 wasn’t exactly a “good” game, so I wasn’t really excited about the new Doom/Doom 4. However, seeing the early trailers, and hearing good things about the game from people I trust, I decided to give Doom a shot.

(By the way, I hate this game naming convention. Name a sequel something different rather than the original title, damn it!)

What I found was one of the most entertaining single player FPS campaigns I’ve played in a LOOOOOONG while. Doom plays like how you expect a Doom title to play: you have giant levels with secrets to find within them and visceral combat with a diverse set of weapons. It basically has everything you’ve come to expect from old school FPSes like Duke Nukem, Doom and Wolfenstein.

In a market dominated by modern military shooters, Doom is a breath of fresh air that delivers that classic FPS experience. I can’t forget to mention the amazing soundtrack done by Mick Gordon. Doom without a killer heavy metal soundtrack isn’t Doom, and Mick Gordon doesn’t fail to deliver on that. Note: the game came with a multiplayer component, but seeing as I wanted to play Doom and not Quake, I never actually bothered with it. Regardless of the MP, Doom is definitely one of the best games I’ve played last year.

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8: Titanfall 2 


SPEAKING of amazing FPS singleplayer campaigns, Titanfall 2 probably has the best one I’ve played in a while. This is saying a lot, considering what I just said about Doom. I can’t say much about the campaign without spoiling the points that make the experience go above and beyond, but trust me when I say it’s worth playing. Beyond the plot points though, there’s a lot of elements that make Titanfall 2’s campaign worth playing.

Similar to Doom, the game has a rather “open” level design wherein there are multiple paths to take to reach the goal. This is accomplished through the abilities the player character has access to. You can double jump, dash, power slide, wall run… whatever parkour shit you can think of, you can do it. Because of the wide range of movement that you have access to, each level is basically a playground for the player to figure their way through. For instance, one level is basically a giant assembly line that the player has to traverse. There are multiple paths you can take to get to the end. You can also pilot the titular Titans which will give you a sense of awe as you plow your way through the battlefield.

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The singleplayer in itself is worth the admission price, but where Titanfall 2 shines the most is its outstanding multiplayer. Basically think Call of Duty, except you have access to the aforementioned mobility, and the ability to summon your own Titan. If you’re a fan of FPSes and mech combat, Titanfall 2 is definitely worth checking out. (Please do, actually, because EA shafted the game by releasing Battlefield 1 within the same timeframe).



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Leandro Chan
Leandro Chan
Also known as the saltiest person on the planet. He loves all things geek particularly video games, board games, and anime.
Leandro Chan

Leandro Chan

Also known as the saltiest person on the planet. He loves all things geek particularly video games, board games, and anime.

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