The SUPER LATE Top 10 Games of 2015


2. Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Now, this is the other, and MAIN reason why this list is so delayed. Much like the Tales of series, the Xeno series is one of my favorite game series ever. Way back during the PS1 era, Xenogears was one of the games that blew my mind considering how theological and psychological the themes of the game were. Then we have the Xenosaga games on the PS2 which had even more “high-brow” themes. Then we get to Xenoblade on the Wii, which I consider THE BEST game of last generation but disappointing in a way because it dropped the themes that got me hooked on the Xeno series back in the day. Finally, here we have Xenoblade X (or Chronicles X in the West). Gameplay-wise the game is astounding. It drops the problem I had with Xenoblade wherein the VAST majority of quests are fetch-quests or simple kill X amount of monster quests and has more gravitas to the side-quests you can partake in. The problem with the game however is the same problem Xenoblade has except compounded by like 10, and that is the story is VERY lacking. Long story short, there barely is any story. If not for the final act of the game, I’d give the story a 5/10 at most, but with the promise of a grander overarching plot that’s revealed in the final chapter of the game, I’d give it a 6-7. With that said, the game is simply amazing. It, LITERALLY, has the biggest world in all of video games, and it’s a quite the joy to explore Mira (the name of the world) having extremely diverse and beautiful landscapes and scenery. I’ll probably get to reviewing the game once I FINALLY complete it (218 hours and counting, this might actually be the longest single playthrough of a game I’ve ever had). With that, Xenoblade Chronicles X get’s the 2nd place on my top 10 list of 2015.

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Honorable Mentions: 

Before I get into my game of the year, I’d like to give a brief mention to some games that didn’t quite make the list:

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – I have the game, but I haven’t gotten deep into it yet. I am sure I’ll enjoy it immensely once I actually start cracking at it.

Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Extend – If not for Xrd, this would have easily made my list. It gets props for getting me into going to my weekly casuals.

Batman Arkham Knight – It’s a FUN game that’s for sure. But like the Assassin’s Creed games I’m getting pretty damn sick of the formula so I felt a tinge of “meh” while playing the game.

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Bloodborne – You might be thinking: “WTF man? You reviewed this game and had HEAVY praise for it it’s even the thumbnail for this article, so why isn’t it on your list?” Weeeeeeeell it’s because of the #1 game on my list. And with that-





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Leandro Chan
Leandro Chan
Also known as the saltiest person on the planet. He loves all things geek particularly video games, board games, and anime.
Leandro Chan

Leandro Chan

Also known as the saltiest person on the planet. He loves all things geek particularly video games, board games, and anime.

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