TGS 2017: Dissidia NT demos and more at the Square Enix Booth!

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Reveal, First Impressions


Turns out, Dissidia NT wasn’t the only game I got to try at the Square Enix Booth. If you’ve enjoyed Noctis and his pals, then Final Fantasy XV: Comrades will be up your alley. It’s the multiplayer expansion to the base game that stunned fans after its decades-long preparation. Many were flabbergasted at the thought of multiplayer DLC (downloadable content) for a Final Fantasy game, myself included. Despite this, there was a considerable line of attendees itching to try this new expansion.

In fact, FF XV: Comrades still used the gameplay as the original Final Fantasy XV. All players started at a designated base camp, and from here they can choose four weapons for their load out. Everyone can also switch between the weapons in the same flashy way as Prince Noctis. Watch the TGS 2017 trailer here.

The color palette of the demo was unbelievably drab and brown. The camp was as grim as it could be and the map was little better. Luckily, the ability to create your own custom characters added more personality to the whole affair.

Sadly, we didn’t get the chance to make our own members of the Kingsglaive. However, some very enterprising folk already made their own enigmatic masterpieces. Loud colors and wild hair accentuated the group and one even donned a scruffy Moogle Mascot suit. Somehow, this ragtag group of misfits became the Royal Guard and were ready to take the world by the behemoth horns.

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FF XV: Comrades – Your Very Own Kingsglaive

As I didn’t read any Japanese, I couldn’t understand what were the objectives of the mission. I merely followed my party into the smoggy lands around the city of Lestallum. We were tasked to follow a maintenance truck down a road. It seemed simple enough.

Most of the beginning of the journey was spent trying to warp onto the truck. Unfortunately, this stretch of the game seemed to be very buggy. Sometimes we’d float to the side of the truck. Other times we’d somehow be dragged alongside the truck; the character trapped in an invisible hamster wheel of misery. Most of the time, we’d hilariously miss the warps on the truck and just run after the truck.


The real meat of the game started when enemies materialized out of nowhere. The combat began in earnest with magic and weapons biting into flesh and metal. In essence, it still felt very much like you’re playing Noctis, but in a different skin. Tactics were smoother since player characters reacted more intelligently than the standard game scripts of Noctis’ traditional allies. Healing was more fluid and it was much easier to focus fire on specific targets. Even fighting against much larger foes, combat was a relative breeze. It was very likely that difficulty was adjusted for the TGS 2017 build of the game.

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Conclusion, Verdict (so far)

Overall, this multiplayer DLC seemed to be built for those who loved Final Fantasy XV. It was generally more of the same but with your own avatar joining the fray. Later on, I learned that the DLC starts at Chapter 12 of the main game. The primary objective was to collect meteor shards to fuel the various power stations in the area. The aforementioned truck was the guide, leading the party between objectives.  Hopefully, the story is able to add more depth to the already tested gameplay elements.

If you want to get your friends some multiplayer fun, Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is set to for global release in early November 2017 for $19.99.

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Emile Josef
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Emile Josef

Emile Josef

Jack of All Trades, Master of None, I'll write about anything under the sun. Anime, Games, Comics, or Food, I'll give it a looksie, as long as it's good.

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