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Valentine's Day Archives - What's A Geek

Four Romances and a Tragedy

Four Romances and a Tragedy Whether it's just a social construct or a day for sweet romances, Valentine's Day is upon us all and no one is safe! Pop culture offers us many opportunities to take a glimpse into the human condition. One of those facets of life is that crazy little thing called love.…

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Usher in Valentine’s Day with Bitterness with New Amplaya Ice Cream from Sebastian’s Ice Cream

No date on Valentine's Day? How bout gathering your single friends and eat your bitterness away with the new, limited edition ice cream from Sebastian's Ice Cream. Here's the product description for this interesting ice cream. UNRESOLVED ISSUES - Ampalaya Sorbet made with fresh Ampalaya, and garnished with candied Ampalaya. Valentine's Day can often be…

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