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Martin Shkreli sets his sights on Magic: The Gathering

It started out on this MagicTCG subreddit and everyone thought it was a prank. Turns out,it was the real Martin Shkreli asking redditors for advice! He was interested on investing in Magic: The Gathering cards and more specifically the Reserved List. He calls himself "a collector of wine, art and other goods." Specifically, he is eyeing the…

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Exciting New Magic: The Gathering Documentary To Be Released.

A new Magic: The Gathering documentary about the card game titled Enter the Battlefield-Life on the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour is set to be released later this month. The documentary will feature the stories and struggles of seven influential players of the popular card game such as Patrick Chapin "The Innovator", a player and brewer…

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Gamers and GMs: Keeping the tabletop experience alive

In this day and age, upon hearing the term RPG, we automatically associate it with an often-lonesome single-player interactive story, or a massively multiplayer romp where you team up with other players from all-over to gain EXP and loot. Both, of course, pertain to videogames. Long gone is the imagery of a group of friends…

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Tales from Behind the DM Screen, Where the Fuck is My Campaign Going Version   So three years back, circa 2012, I blew the dust off of the old White Wolf books, reread everything, and told myself “Hey, you have a new and awesome circle of friends! You should introduce them to the wonderful world of…

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