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Star Trek Beyond: Like meeting old friends again for the first time.

This might bristle for some people, but ever since the 2009 J.J. Abrams reboot, I’ve always felt that the Star Trek movies have seemed a bit more like Star Wars in terms of flavor. This is probably why I’ve been enjoying them, though I have heard some purists taking issue with this approach. That being…

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Star Trek: Bryan Fuller Joins New Series as Showrunner

Bryan Fuller will be very busy in 2017. He's at the helm of the new Star Trek series as its showrunner and co-executive producer. In addition to this, he's going to be the co-showrunner of Starz' adaptation of American Gods. He will be joined by Alex Kurtzman (Fringe, Star Trek 2009) and Heather Kudin (Limitless, Sleepy Hollow) as co-executive producers. The series…

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#NerdMusicMonday: Tenacious D – ‘Star Trek Theme’

Welcome to #NerdMusicMonday, where we feature some of the greatest geek-inspired music to start your week on the right note. Did you know that the theme from Star Trek (also known as Where No Man Has Gone Before) actually has lyrics? If you're not aware of this, the reason the theme has lyrics is actually…

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