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Spider-Gwen Creator Robbi Rodriguez Speaks Up on Frank Cho’s Parody

It's not yet over for the ballad of the Frank Cho-Spider-Gwen-Manara-pose as another player has chimed in regarding the 'controversial' artwork - Spider-Gwen's 'creator' Robbi Rodriguez.   Here's the artwork in question: Rodriguez later went on his Facebook account to put in additional comments. Thanks for my making my feed entertaining. You kids have knocked…

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Spider-Woman’s New Costume

Ever since Jessica Drew (a.k.a Spider-Woman) came out in the late 70's, her costume has always been that tight Red & Yellow spandex with web-wings under her armpits. From her first battle with Banshee's daughter, Siryn, to joining the New Avengers to being kidnapped and physically copied by the Queen of the Skrulls until her…

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