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Morbidly funny komiks and kats at the Indie Tiangge!

Komikon isn’t complete without a visit to the indie komiks room, where artists and writers who are just starting out have the opportunity to exhibit their creativity. Cats and Where to Find Them by Diigii Daguna This booklet doesn’t actually have a story, but it does showcase a good amount of artwork where you typically,…

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Extraordinary X-Men #1-2 Review

Extraordinary X-Men #1-2 Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Humberto Ramos It’s a brave new world for Marvel in its post-Secret Wars status quo, yet Marvel seems intent on revisiting the same old same old for the X-Men. Extraordinary X-Men features the mutants once again on the brink of extinction, still hated and feared by humans, and needing…

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Why you should be watching ‘Constantine’ [Spoilers]

Each time a new comic book adaptation gets the green light, fans hold their collective breath over the Internet, fearing the worst. We always hope that the writers get it right – to be exact and bring justice to the characters. Not everything can spring from print to screen, but the apprehension always lingers. In the case of Constantine,…

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