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What’s A Geek! Presents 2017 In Videogames

Do you fancy yourself as a gamer? if you do, then join us as we recall some of the year's most well-known titles. Here are some thoughts from the What's A Geek! staff for the highlights of 2017 in videogames. 2017 In Videogames This year's videogame releases prove that there's more to the industry than just sheer graphics…

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Fools’ Goal! Atlus confirms P3P Main Characters as DLC for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Image via The Megami Tensei Wiki While we never did get proper closure for Yuuki Makoto (Or Minato Arisato, if you prefer - and The Answer doesn’t count!), and Shiomi Kotone was a one-time thing (even if she did manage to save Shinji), it appears no love has been lost for the two previous guests of…

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