The Red Wolf Name Trademarked By Marvel Comics

Remember the character Red Wolf? That mysterious Apache-ish character that appeared in one of the two teasers for the All New, All Different Marvel? Well it appears that the character plays a HUGE role for Marvel's domination in the coming months and years. Here's the character as he appeared in the past; and here's how he'll…

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Cover Artist Arthur Suydam Causes Stir After Hogging Artist Alley

Marvel Zombies cover artist Arthur Suydam is causing quite a stir with other comic book creators after it has been evident that he has been hogging tables for his works; removing posters by other artists.   According to an article by The Outhousers "Suydam has set up shop at four Artists' Alley tables at the Montreal…

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The Secret Wars Title THORS Should Be the Winner From Marvel Last Week

If you haven't picked up Marvel's Thors # 1 you're missing out on a fun and mysterious comic book from Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse.   So lets see. In this issue alone we get to meet more Thors but majority of the story revolves around the Thunderer Thorlief aka Ultimate Thor and Stormbreaker Ray aka Beta Ray Bill.  …

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Civil War # 1 Preview

One of the eagerly anticipated Battleworlds title from Marvel Comics is soon upon us. Here's a preview for Civil War # 1 by Charles Soule and Leinil Francis Yu. Before the unlettered pages, check out 'em variant covers. Oh goody! They even have a variant cover done by original Civil War artist Steve McNiven with…

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Marvel’s All New All Different Campaign Confirms X-23 as the New Wolverine

Today's All New, All Different Marvel drummed up the hype by revealing some interesting changes to the Marvel Universe after Secret Wars starting with the reveal that X-23 will be the new Wolverine. It is a very interesting teaser showing us projects we won't be seeing for months on end but the biggest shocker of them all is X-23…

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