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“Ghost Girls” No More

The Ghostbusters reboot has received a lot of hate over the course of its pre-showing promotion. Complaints ranged from petty and absurd (some would even say sexist or mysoginistic) to "Yeah, they've got a point" valid. But guess which end of the spectrum was amplified through the portals of the internet hate machine. It also…

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Ghostbusters Reboot Conjures Character Posters

The first official image and four character posters for the female-led reboot of “Ghostbusters” have been released by Columbia Pictures. The first-look photo is a group shot of the women, and they certainly look like a formidable team. The one-sheets individually highlight the four lead stars. Kristen Wiig plays Erin Gilbert, a particle physicist, academic…

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Ghostbusters Reboot Rumored to Have All Female Cast

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Paul Feig is in the final leg on his quest to find the new Ghostbusters for the Ghostbusters reboot film. The four actresses in the running for the reboot of the movie includes Kristin Wiig, Melisa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. At the moment though, it's really just…

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