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June 2018 Events And Happenings Calendar – What’s A Geek!

It might be a rainy June, but the weather can't stop our geeky hearts from having a fun 2018! It's just halfway across the year, and there are already so much stufff to expect from June 2018 events and happenings. Tutorials, events, and conventions will be surprising geeks left and right this month. However, perhaps…

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans revealed!

Sunrise has announced the next Gundam series, Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans (aka Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans) at a recent presscon. The series comes straight off the heels of the latest Universal Century entry G no Reconguista however it is not yet known if this is another entry in that timeline or if…

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Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z: Tengoku-hen 2nd Promotional Video Unveiled!

Bandai Namco has just revealed the second promotional video for Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z: Tengoku-hen, aka Super Robot Wars Z 3.2 The PV included more mecha clips including the ARX-8 Laevatein, Shin Getter-3 and the EVA-13. (more…)

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