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Kingdom Hearts III: Are XIII Years Worth The Wait?

It's been a few weeks since Disney and Square Enix finally released the much-awaited sequel to their hit "crossover" franchise. Kingdom Hearts III proves fans who love a series so much can wait XIII (hehe) years for a sequel. Not only that, but there's actually such a franchise to garner so much hype that newcomers have become extremely interested…

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TGS 2017: Dissidia NT demos and more at the Square Enix Booth!

Square Enix is a company that is synonymous with the Japanese video game industry. No other franchise defines Square Enix quite like the Final Fantasy series. Naturally, Final Fantasy is the focal point of Square Enix's booth at Tokyo Game Show 2017. In particular, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (Dissidia NT), Final Fantasy XIV, and Final…

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Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV – A Quick Recap

What a way to end the month of March! The much ballyhooed Square Enix livestream event, Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, has come and gone  and these are the 14 announcements that they were so excited to share! The hosts of the night were IGN alumni and Kinda Funny founders Greg Miller and Tim Gettys. Greg…

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Hideo Kojima: The Last Auteur

After enduring an onslaught of douchbaggery from his former employers, Hideo Kojima finally severed the chains of Konami. The official news broke out when Kojima announced on Twitter that his employment contract with the much-hated game publisher was ultimately terminated. There was much jubilation around the infinite corners of the Internet. It was then followed…

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Kitase addresses Final Fantasy VII Remake episodic format, “Many of you are correct”

One of the biggest news coming out of the the recent PlayStation Experience event was the reveal of the latest Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer and the subsequent reveal of the game using the episodic format. This resulted in a shockwave of confused fans, with comments both rational and utterly fanboyish sprouting like mushrooms. (more…)

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[Rumor] ‘Final Fantasy XII’ Remaster on the Way

In a Distant Worlds (an orchestral rendition of Final Fantasy music tracks) concert yesterday, composer Arnie Roth casually mentioned that a Final Fantasy XII remake is in the works; much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. Oh, and FFXII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto also happened to be in attendance so, there just might be some credence to Roth's statements. This…

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