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Obscure Comic Book Cults We Can Totally Laugh at

In line with the recent events that happened locally, we here at What's a Geek want you take a break from all the social media monitoring and arguments and find a way to laugh at all this craziness. So we give you some obscure comic book cults we can totally laugh at. CULT OF CONNER This…

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Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Artwork Shows a Deeper Dive into the Marvel Universe

One of the best things about the animated series Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is the fact that it swam around the richness of the Marvel Universe leaving no stone unturned. Over the two seasons that it aired we've seen the team go through several roster changes, visit classic storylines, add / lose members and see exotic locales…

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‘Fantastic Four’ Review: Trank of Darkness

Fantastic Four is the third attempt in history to adapt Marvel’s First Family to the silver screen, including Roger Corman’s unreleased version from the 1990s. Like those previous efforts, it is a complete bust. However, unlike other reviews, I wouldn’t go far as to say it is a completely irredeemable train wreck that should never…

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Six Dr. Doom Costumes Better than the 2015 Movie Costume

So that's it then, the verdict is out. Josh Trank's Fantastic Four has effectively disappointed a lot of fans on so many levels including the way they made Dr. Doom look towards the third act of the movie. First of all, lets look at what Fox has done with their Dr. Doom played by actor Toby…

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Deadpool Makes an Appearance in Extended Trailer for Fantastic Four

We've already seen the Deadpool trailerception but what we haven't seen is Deadpool's appearance in the extended trailer for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four. So yes, this one got twice as better than the original. Also very interesting here is the continued hype for the Deadpool movie trailer. We here at What's a Geek are already…

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Fantastic Four and X-Men Crossover Movie in the Works?

While it will be a few weeks before we see Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, it seems like fans neee to look forward to seeing a crossover with Fox's X-Men franchise. While he's still busy directing X-Men: Apocalypse, Bryan Singer has went on record that there are plans for a Fantastic Four/ X-Men mashup in the…

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