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E3 2017 Aftermath: What’s A Geek’s Favorite Things!

The press conferences of E3 2017 are all done and the What's a Geek team reflects on the games that caught everyone's eye. This year's E3 doesn't feel as heavy hitting as E3 2016, but that doesn't mean the conference is devoid of exciting content. There are plenty of new surprises, returning franchises, and established…

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D23 Expo: The Force is Strong with Disney Interactive

While fans were still reeling from the events of Day 2, Disney Interactive took to the D23 Expo stage to reveal the company’s plans for the video game franchises under their belt. A big announcement was made for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, but it was Star Wars that definitely brought the house down. Big-Hearted…

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BioWare announces new Mass Effect game

BioWare, makers of critically-acclaimed sci-fi action adventure RPG franchise Mass Effect, has just released the announcement trailer to the latest entry into the franchise: Mass Effect: Andromeda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG8V9dRqSsw Featuring the Andromeda galaxy to explore, this is sure to excite old fans, and entice new ones to try it out. According to BioWare Blog, the trailer was built…

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‘Mirror’s Edge’ “Sequel” Gets a Title, Also it is Not a Sequel

It's been two years since we've been teased on the Mirror's Edge follow-up game. Finally we get some new information about it, which was revealed on the official Mirror's Edge website. The game will be titled Mirror's Edge Catalyst, as revealed by the game's senior producer Sara Jansson. She also states that the game will not be a sequel, and…

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Dragon Age: Inquisition gets its first DLC

Dragon Age: Inquisition, the critically acclaimed video game from Canadian developers BioWare, just got its first downloadable content expansion. BioWare just released the DLC Jaws of Hakkon, a new side story adventure that will take players to new environments and battle new enemies, while discovering the fate of the last Inquisitor who led the Inquisition…

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