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TGS2017 – Monster Hunting at the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Booth

Tokyo Game Show 2017 was one of the biggest video game conventions in Asia. People flocked from around the world to see first-hand the newest and most exciting upcoming games. Most come to get a chance to try games that haven't released yet. Some were still in early alpha, while others were only a few…

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Dragon Age: Inquisition gets its first DLC

Dragon Age: Inquisition, the critically acclaimed video game from Canadian developers BioWare, just got its first downloadable content expansion. BioWare just released the DLC Jaws of Hakkon, a new side story adventure that will take players to new environments and battle new enemies, while discovering the fate of the last Inquisitor who led the Inquisition…

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Here are the Leaked Screenshots for Destiny DLC House of Wolves

Check out some of the leaked screenshots from the upcoming DLC for the PS4 game Destiny dubbed House of Wolves. We all have to thank Redditor MegamanExe4 who dumped everything on 'The Internet's Front Page' revealing some important details about the game's DLC treat. But take this with a grain of salt for the moment as…

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