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Fan-Made Batman: Bad Blood Posters Look Legit

We're disappointed with the lack of promotional materials for the upcoming DC animated film Batman: Bad Blood so we turned to our artist friends to get any new stuff and it turns out she has. Folks, fan-made Batman posters for 'Bad Blood' by artist extraordinaire Basil Nacionales or B-Tan. Maybe its about time to hand…

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Funko Set to Deliver Gotham Pop Vinyls Soon

Funko shows us that they can make even the most common and bland looking characters from TV into something wonderful. In this case its the Gotham Pop Vinyl figures. Best of all, one wave features all of the important characters. We've got the following: Jim Gordon Harvey Bullock Bruce Wayne Selina Kyle We also have…

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Ben Affleck Spotted on the Set of Suicide Squad

Will Batman make an appearance in David Ayer's Suicide Squad? It looks like that would be the case especially since Bruce Wayne himself, Ben Affleck, has been seen walking into the soundstage the other day. Come to think of it, it's a no-brainer especially since The Joker (Jared Leto) is involved in the movie. How…

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New Post-Convergence Batman Identity Leaked

Big News! DC is still crazy! Here's proof.   Aside from turning Batman into a hybrid between Chappie and Robocop and Appleseed (as seen above and below)   They've also changed whos inside the Batman armor as evidenced below: Holy crap, they ditched Bruce Wayne as Batman and have Gotham's main character Jim Gordon (Commissioner Gordon to…

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Greg Capullo Sketches for Batman Endgame Features a Batman with a Missing Hand

Wanna give us a hand with this caper? Batman creative team of Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Danny Miki all agreed to share two sketches/ concept artwork related to the current story arc for DC Comics' Batman which is called Batman Endgame. So this is obviously another "wardrobe" change for Batman whose undergone something similar…

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