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ICYMI: Disney Infinity 3.0 Launches Soon

This coming September 1, 2015, Southeast Asia will be releasing the much-awaited updated to the popular hybrid toy/video game, Disney Infinity 3.0 - Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic. (more…)

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5 Walt Disney Rides that Star Wars Land or Star Wars World Should Have

Yes I'm totally killing the keywords and title with Star Wars but that's executive power here in What's a Geek. Anyway, rather than just say and report that Disney has announced a new Star Wars World (or Star Wars Land) I'm going crazy with concepts that should definitely be in this new theme park. (more…)

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Hot Toys Star Wars Darth Vader One Sixth Scale Figure Preview

Here's a quick look at the Hot Toys one-sixth scale figure of Darth Vader from Star Wars coming out between Q2 and Q3 of 2015. More of the photos below: Mind you this is going to be based on the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and not from the more current Star Wars…

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