Meet the Staff

The Admin Team.

Queen of What’s A Geek, the Frog Mage, Mother of Cats, Team-killing Fucktard, Unholy Beast of Rage, Archduke of Idol Hell, Devourer of Mac and Cheese, Sempai to All
Lead Designer and Breaker of Deadlines
I do the picture things. Oh hey we have lots of space for a blurb thing is there a character limi
Lead Social Media Monkey
I change how people think via social media. I make things viral. I'm a social media influenza. Wait. That doesn't sound right.
Managing Editor and Harvester of Salt
Grandmistress of What’s a Geek, Pathfinder of Girls Got Game, Gatekeeper of the Fifth World, The Cunning Woman, The Undefeated Pocky Demon, Disciple of the Way of the Cat, Bringer of Feelings.
Web Development and Breaker of Everything
“Genwun” blogger that never writes. “Photographer” that never uploads. If the website is down it's probably his fault.
Copy Editor


The Section Heads.

Leandro Chan
Section Head for Video Games, also resident FGC liaison
“Truth lies in the heart of battle!” AKA, please play some vidya games with me.


Contributors, Creatives & All Around Peeps.

Chad Yee
Contributor and 『STAND USER』
I’ll write anything about tech, anime, vidya, or music. Resident living shounen character.
CJ Apale
Contributor, Philosopher, Red Planeswalker and Guardian Jedi Knight
Lover of Sisig, Sinigang, Bacon Cheeseburgers, Hawaiian Pizza and Gummi Bears. Drinks like Batman, loves like Superman, eats like The Flash and imagines like Green Lantern. A Geek even before it was cool. Marathons LOTR and The Hobbit movies extended at least once a year.
Emile Garcia
Contributor and Wandering Minstrel
“As long as it’s interesting, it’s worth a look.” Doesn’t mind trying all sorts of new things. A semi-regular convention goer. Not quite novice photographer. Interested in wrestling, video games, comic books, otaku stuff, food, and more!
Gabriel “Osixx” Cabatan
Contributor/Commentator and actual doctor
Can be found in clinics and hospitals. Likes Video games and manga but has forgotten how to write and spends more time in a hospital than he should.
Gem Bataclan
Contributor and Social Media Person
HR Recruiter by profession, All-out X-Men Fan by heart <3
Judith Razon
Contributor, eater of food
You can find her under a blanket with chips in hand, crying over the many things that give her feels.
Kimi Lim
Editor/Contributor or The One With The English Accent
Part of WAG’s international contingent. Plays too much Magic the Gathering and Japanese mobile games. PhD student during the day, cosplayer and geek during the night.
Marielle Baysa
Contributor and Manic Pixie Cat Lady
Bookworm/fashionista/foodie, likes climbing things and taking naps.
Michael Dizon
Editor/Contributor and Khajiit with the wares
Likes video games, books, and movies, preferably those with massive explosions. Writes for a living, philosophizes for sanity (and giggles). Resident saltymancer.
Mikhail Jacinto
Contributor and Ahrt guy
Loves Magic: The Gathering and creating art. Someday wishes to merge these two things into one. Please unban Treasure Cruise.
Patrick Flores
Contributor and resident Pie Trickster
Video game enthusiast and occasional illustrator. Does hentai voices as a cheap parlor trick. Only here for comic relief.
Rhenn Taguiam
Contributor and Trying-to-Be Hobbyist
Your guy when it comes to chicken wings, fries, and pasta. A somewhat experienced napper with a dash of geekery on the side. Technology, health, and gaming writer by profession. When you hear the “Ates” and “Kuyas,” it’s definitely this guy.
Rodson Santos
Editor and Actual Slacker
Coaching people on how to be better geeks.
Contributing Editor and Creature of the Not-So-Late Night
Easily lulled to torpor and does not eat Dinuguan. Worst. Vampire. Ever.
RM Zantua
Social Media Person & a BIG GUY -- for you!
Hit me up if you wanna talk about hipster MMOs, comics, manga, art toys, and K-pop!