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In Cinemas: March 2-8, 2016 - What's A Geek

In Cinemas: March 2-8, 2016

New month, new movies! These are the films to watch out for this 1st week of March:

1. Hail, Caesar! 

Premise: Hail, Caesar! follows a single day in the life of a studio fixer who is presented with plenty of problems to fix.

Cast: Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Alden Ehrenreich, Ralph Fiennes, Jonah Hill, Scarlett Johansson, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton and Channing Tatum

Director: Joel and Ethan Coen

Release: March 2, 2016


2. Queen of the Desert

Premise: A chronicle of Gertrude Bell’s life, a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attaché for the British Empire at the dawn of the twentieth century.

Cast: Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson, Damian Lewis

Director: Werner Herzog

DON’T MISS:  Channing Tatum Plans to Leave Fox's Gambit Movie

Release: March 2, 2016


3. Risen

Premise: In 33 AD, a Roman Tribune in Judea is tasked to find the missing body of an executed Jew rumored to have risen from the dead.

Cast: Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton, Peter Firth

Director: Kevin Reynolds

Release: March 2, 2016


4. The Finest Hours

Premise: The Coast Guard makes a daring rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod after a pair of oil tankers are destroyed during a blizzard in 1952.

Cast: Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Casey Affleck, and Eric Bana

Director: Craig Gillespie

Release: March 2, 2016


5. The Program

Premise: An Irish sports journalist becomes convinced that Lance Armstrong’s performances during the Tour de France victories are fueled by banned substances. With this conviction, he starts hunting for evidence that will expose Armstrong.

DON’T MISS:  On Egg Sandwiches, Adaptations, and the Liberal Application of a Baseball Bat as a solution.

Cast: Ben Foster, Chris O’Dowd, Guillaume Canet

Director: Stephen Frears

Release: March 2, 2016


6. London Has Fallen

Premise: In this sequel to Olympus Has Fallen (2013),  Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders at the Prime Minister’s funeral in London.

Cast: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, and Charlotte Riley.

Director: Babak Najafi

Release: March 3, 2016


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Kim Antonio
Kim Antonio
Passionate geek.

Sometimes referred to as All-Moderator or Galactus. Has the latter's appetite too.

Kim Antonio

Passionate geek. Sometimes referred to as All-Moderator or Galactus. Has the latter's appetite too.

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