Fantastic Four and X-Men Crossover Movie in the Works?

While it will be a few weeks before we see Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, it seems like fans neee to look forward to seeing a crossover with Fox’s X-Men franchise.

While he’s still busy directing X-Men: Apocalypse, Bryan Singer has went on record that there are plans for a Fantastic Four/ X-Men mashup in the near future.

“Those ideas are in play,” he says. “That would be a natural match-up because they’re both ensemble films and there is a natural mechanism by which to do it.”

During the interview, Singer has revealed that the movie could play once again with time, much like X-Men Days of Future Past.

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Now before we react violently, the operating keyword is “planned” because outside of the two FF movies and next year’s X-Men:Apocalypse there aren’t any solid plans for the crossover.

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