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WTF Wattpad: ‘Raped and Got Pregnant By A Vampire Prince’ [Part 3]

WTF Wattpad: ‘Raped and Got Pregnant By A Vampire Prince’ [Part 3]

Welcome to WTF Wattpad, where a couple of lucky What’s A Geek writers get to read and live through a form of torture called Wattpad. This is the third part of our epic Raped and Got Pregnant By A Vampire Prince. review. Why are we still here? Why are you still here?

WTF Wattpad: ‘Raped and Got Pregnant By A Vampire Prince’

Previously: Julienne, who is totally a person and NOT a food preparation method, returns to the Philippines with her twins, Sofia and Jaze. She runs into Prince Lawrence, who almost immediately bites and kisses her in public, despite her protestations.

What can we say, dude’s efficient.


“Julienne.. don’t walk away from me please.. forgive me.”-I begged
She fully turned to me and smirked.
“I love it when you beg and I forgive you. So please.. this time Lawrence, this time! Leave us alone! And I fucking mean that!”-she yelled at me.
“They’re also my kids Julie!”-I yelled at her
“Oh yeah. I forgot. You can see them anytime you want. I give you your right but they’re staying with me.”-she said
“And you should be 1 meter away from me.”-she said bitterly that broke my heart. She doesn’t want me back to her life anymore.
“Julienne.. that was one mistake.. and you didn’t let me explain.. I looked for you for years!”-I said tears forming in my eyes.
I saw her clenched fist.
“That. Was more than one mistake Lawrence!!”-she cried and I saw how broken she was.


Rika: /slow clap

Khan: One meter is a very respectable distance when it comes to personal space.

Rika: Let’s just head for the next chapter, I can’t take this anymore.

Julienne’s POV
I was about to sleep nang biglang nagkaroon ng ingay sa kwarto ng mga bata. I immediately rushed to their room but as I opened the door..
I saw Justin’s body lying on the cold floor. I saw three men with black masks, the two was carrying my kids and I was terrified when I saw them unconscious and with that, I immediately cried for help and was about to run away when the other guy, whom I think was the mastermind rushed to me in a swift move and covered my mouth and injected something to my neck. I felt numb and the last thing I saw was the door in an upside down image.

Rika: Oh, there’s your telenovela plot. Sigh.

Ade: For context, everyone, this is Lawrence kidnapping Julienne, the woman whose life he ruined and wants nothing more than to move past the trauma he inflicted on her, because… he wants to “bring her to safety?” No, seriously, that’s what he tells everyone.

But we all know he just wants to rape her again:

“Don’t do that again, my love. I can do anything to you.”-he said as his eye color changed into red and suddenly kissed me aggressively. I screamed at him but it came out as ‘mmmm’.




(Hey beautiful reader! Please be open-minded if you’re currently reading my story. Love ya!)





He immediately stopped and snapped his head at me as his eyes came back to it’s hazel color.
“Shit! I’m sorry Julie! I’m so sorry! My anger and lust has overtaken me.. I’m so so sorry…”-he apologized as tears forming from his eyes.
“I just want you to love me back.. I am so desperate on having you back.. I didn’t tell you how much I love you but instead, I forced myself to you…”-he paused and now his tears slowly slid down his pale cheeks.
“I looked for you for 6 years but failed. Oh how I wanted to die that time but I was always thinking of you and my beloved baby that turned out to be babies and that I always wanted to have. I love you Julienne Hale.. please.. forgive me.. “-he apologized with sincerity and stood up getting dressed. He removed the handcuff.
“I give you your freedom to go.”-he told me and went out of the room as I just sat on the bed shocked.


RJ: “I give you your freedom to go,” he said, after raping her. AGAIN.

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Khan: Yeah, I was gonna drop Obi-Wan in here, but I feel like I need to save it for later. This just keeps getting better and better.

Ade: I’m seriously out of words. Each chapter makes me want to find a corner and spend the rest of my life in it. While crying. And stabbing my eyes out.

Rika: Why did we start doing this again?

Ade: Perhaps we’re like Julienne, and this story is Prince Lawrence. No matter how much this story hurts us,  no matter how much we want this story to stay one meter away from us, we keep on coming back. And we’ll like it. Like Julienne.

“No. You are not going anywhere.”-I told her in such power closing the door shut.
“Bakit hindi mo maramdaman na ayoko sayo?”-taas kilay niyang tanong.
“Bakit ang manhid mo? Mahal kita Julie and I don’t care how many times you push me away, I’ll keep coming back to you. I know I don’t deserve for your love but I’m asking for your forgiveness. I want you to stay by my side with our children. That’s all I ever wanted. Ngayon, kung Hindi mo ako mapatawad, sabihin mo lang kung ano ang gusto mong gawin ko and I’ll willingly do it, just for you to forgive me. I promise, you won’t regret my word.”-I told her with a pleading voice.
“Maybe you have to kill yourself then, I’ll be happy.”-she answered angrily turning her back.
I know she didn’t mean to say it. She’s just mad but I want her to know and see that I am a man of my words.


Khan: I think my favorite bit here is how he talks so forcefully, it shuts the door.

Ade: Because he’s a vampire prince. Somehow continuously biting a woman does not turn her into a vampire, but the mere power of his words can shut a door. Keep up, Khan.

Khan: ~**Vampires.**~


Julienne’s POV
I stiffened when he just said he loves me and didn’t even bother to protest against me.
After a minute, I heard crashing of glasses from the other room.
Prince!!-i heard the Butler shout from the outside and by the tone of his voice, there’s something bad going on.
I immediately rushed outside my room and went to check what happened until i came to his room and was shock on what I saw. My heart suddenly broke and I regretted everything I said to him.
I fell on my knees..
Tears rolled down my eyes as I saw how the broken piece of glass pierced through his heart.
No words can express what I feel right now. I’m not sure if he is going to make it. I grab hold of his hand as the guards lifted him and brought him to the castle’s hospital. I whispered sweet things to his ear just for him to stay awake as I cried feeling the pain he’s going through right now.


Ade: … that is so not manipulative at all, Lawrence.

Rika: I need to be drunk or high right now.

Ade: I need to be poisoned.

Pam: Hey, guys, it’s better than our usual car accident twists!

Ade: He raped her. Multiple times. Why is she even considering Lawrence?

RJ: She learned to love him daw, immediately after the rape…

Ade: Oh look! The immortal vampire prince has survived the suicide attempt! What a surprise! And check out this inspired conversation between Julienne and Prince Lawrence’s butler, Mr. Butler:

“Don’t let him feel that again.”-he continued and walked away but before he disappear from my sight, I asked him.
“His first love?”
He stopped walking and sightly turned his head.
“Yes. The woman you saw kissing him.”-he answered
“How did you know?”-I asked again.
“I know everything.”-he answered walking away.
Wow. He is not an ordinary doctor. Jeez. Nakakapanindig balahibo.

Ade: Let me repeat the last line.

Wow. He is not an ordinary doctor. Jeez. Nakakapanindig balahibo.

Ade: wat. WAT. WAT.

Wow. He is not an ordinary doctor. Jeez. Nakakapanindig balahibo.


Ade: Because the unquestioning manservant of your manipulative kidnapper/rapist is somehow very qualified to tell you that your kidnapper/rapist is dying because you’re doing the right thing, namely getting the fuck away from dodge.
Also, I did not expect to have my question about vampire doctors answered, but the world is a worse place because of it.

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Khan: So he’s a doctor, and a butler????

Ade: Never forget his name. That’s Mr. Butler to you.

Rika: And a ~*~vampire~*~ don’t forget that too.

Ade: And he lives in a castle.


Khan: I knew we had shitty urban planning, but where exactly are these castles? Malate? BGC? Where could you hide a castle big enough to have it’s own hospital? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS

Pam: And I’m sitting here now with a new one of my own: what happened to the P.A. part again? Did it disappear like pretty much every other plausible plot hook in this story?

Rika: It disappeared just like the author’s sanity, I think.

RJ: 15 chapters in and I’m still not sure if this is a story about a vampire or just a rapist who bites people.

Khan: Someone really wanted to be in Twilight.

Ade: And 50 Shades of Grey, but made it 100% more rapey.

Khan: Where did the butler come from, though?

Ade: … Batman?

Julienne’s pov
“J-jul-lie, my l-love..”-he tried speaking.
“Oh my God, Lawrence..”-I said in shock
“You’re awake!”-I said cheerfully and hugged him tight.
“Hi love. Heard you said you lobe me.”-he winked.

Rika: /spits coffee L M F A O

Khan: I lobe you too

Rika: How sweat

Pam: Like the smell of your colon.

RJ: I don’t think I can read past this. Go on without me, guys…

*knock* *knock* *knock*
I slowly opened the window but there’s no one home so I entered anyway.

Khan: Now she’s breaking and entering. This woman needs professional help.

Rika: Who needs professional help when you were raped by a vampire?


Ade: Check out this part. Justin (WHO THE FUCK IS JUSTIN?) confesses his feelings for Julienne, and she just brutally friendzones him, after taking care of her and her daughters for 6 years:

“Justin.. I.. I love you..”-she answered
I smiled at her but it turned to a frown when she spoke again.
“…but as a friend.”


Rika: hahaha



Rika: Wait.


RJ: Did she just end the story with a flashback and just.. not finish the plot? WHAT?



Khan: bwiset

Ade: Guys… we managed to power through. We reached the end of Raped and Got Pregnant By A Vampire Prince. I am so glad to have shared this experience with you. There’s only one word to describe this journey we have taken.

Rika: Damn?

Khan: Damn.

Ade: Damn.

RJ: Damn.

Pam: Damn.


And it ends here. Don’t worry, though. Bad literature will be always overflowing on Wattpad, and we will find the next masterpiece for you to enjoy. Wait for the next installment of WTF Wattpad. We hear the werewolf section is amazing. Oh boy.

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Ade is a bassist who blogs way too much about Doctor Who and Batman. Check out his blog at Noisy Noisy Man and follow him on Twitter: @AdeMagnaye

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