CosplayMania 2017 – Another Notch in the History Books

Musical Guests and First Time Surprises

CosplayMania 2017 had a plethora of guests this year, from Japanese musicians to international cosplayers. Several of them had special stage events for their Filipino fans. For many of them, it was their first time in the Philippines and each of them tried to bring something special.

Shiena Nishizawa wanted to use her songs as her way to introduce herself to the world  following her debut album launch this year. Moreover, she couldn’t help but express her elation when she heard her song in the esteemed ‘”Kantai Collection.” Funnily enough, she said she didn’t remember how or why she got into the music business.

CosplayMania 2017
Shiena Nishizawa rockin’ out! | Photo from Shiena Nishizawa’s Facebook page


ELISA in front of a gift from fans (Photo from Elisa’s Facebook page)

Meanwhile, fans will remember ELISA and her voice in anime like A Certain Magical Railgun and The Irregular at Magic High School. When fans and critics label her voice as “angelic,” this seems very appropriate as she loved songs that let her stretch her operatic range. Moreover, she said she was proud to have her songs played with anime titles. The artist said this hopefully inspires singers and voice actresses to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D when it comes to performances.

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CosplayMania 2017
Top: Sayo Yamamoto Giveaway Middle: Flower Stand for Shiena Nishizawa and ELISA Bottom: Yuri on Ice Quiz

Nishizawa, Elisa: Impression of the Philippines

Nishizawa admitted she didn’t get the chance to eat any Filipino food prior to the event. She told What’s A Geek! that a special delicacy that topped her list was halo-halo. Nishizawa explained a similar dish, kakigori, is popular in Japan so she wanted to give halo-halo a try.

Unlike Nishizawa, Elisa has graced Philippine soil before. Interestingly, the artist added that most people sit down and listen quietly in Japan, so heavy audience involvement in abroad was a welcome sight to her. She added that she enjoyed her stay in the country, as her Pinoy fans were as warm as the Philippine weather. As part of Sacra Music, Sony Music Japan’s international arm, she hopes this trip to the Philippines is the first step to push Japanese music for the overseas market.

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Creators, Seiyuus

For the first time, CosplayMania 2017 invited famous voice actors, or seiyuu, and anime creators. Sayo Yamamoto and Fuuko Noda of Yuri on Ice came to the Philippines and shared some of their storyboards for the anime. They detailed how things go from actions and dialogue to scenes.

Some fans were on the verge of tears seeing their creative idols. Meanwhile, seiyuu Wataru Hatano (Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia) and Koutaro Nishimaya (Cute High Earth Defense Club!, Jewelpet: Magical Change) were given an equally energetic reception during their fan meet. They had a long Q&A session with the pre-selected questions from their fans.

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Emile Josef
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Emile Josef

Jack of All Trades, Master of None, I'll write about anything under the sun. Anime, Games, Comics, or Food, I'll give it a looksie, as long as it's good.

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