Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #3: The Anomaly

‘Sup folks! After a month’s worth of waiting, Star Lord & Kitty Pryde #3 is finally here! So a quick recap on what happened last issue; Peter Quill/Star Lord aka “Swinging” Steve Rogers is on a misadventure with Battleworld’s AOA Kitty Pryde, to recover the anomaly Gambit the Collector possessed. Obviously going into a trap, that’s where we start off; our heroes upside-down, Kitty’s powers nullified, and well, let’s just have the pics speak for themselves, ok?


Since Widget is a Kitty from another domain, they cancel each other’s abilities out. So, Petey here had this ingenious idea: sing their couple song! It proved effective as Widget fell for him the second he sang it, kissing him and enabling them to escape.

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Of course, a fight with Gambit ensues which causes a slight injury to Petey’s arm. Luckily someone came along, but man oh man, never did I expect someone like him to come to the rescue…


…well, it was actually Afro Drax disguised, delivering a nasty uppercut to Gambit, knocking him out. IMO, the red eyes are already a great give-away about his identity. Drax, you nasty bugger you!


So to sum things up, what is this “anomaly” they’ve been dying to get? Turns out it’s a remnant of the world before, a part of member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon‘s very own tail.

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What’ll happen now to Petey? Will he ever love yet another Kitty? Looks like he did, hehe! Attaboy!


Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #3 is already out on your local comic book store shelves! Grab a copy now!

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