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New Secret Wars Spin-off Titles - Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps and Squadron Sinister - What's A Geek

New Secret Wars Spin-off Titles – Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps and Squadron Sinister

Marvel annouces two new titles for their Secret Wars event month; one is heavily referencing Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel while the other is a throwback to an old Marvel book featuring the Squadron Supreme.

secret-wars-captain-marvel-and-the-carol-corps (1)

Ever since Marvel Comics relaunched Captain Marvel and gave the title to Carol Danvers, the character started to appeal A WHOLE LOT MORE TO FEMALE FANS, some of which have formed the group called “Carol Corps” supporting the book’s writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.

The new book will feature creative team Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson and David Lopez. Check out the other characters appearing in this book:

secret-wars-captain-marvel-and-the-carol-corps (5) secret-wars-captain-marvel-and-the-carol-corps (4) secret-wars-captain-marvel-and-the-carol-corps (3) secret-wars-captain-marvel-and-the-carol-corps (2)


Also recently announced is the book Squadron Sinister:

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obviously its a play on the Justice League pastiche the Squadron Supreme only this time, their just really bad guys. The good news is that they’ll be squaring off against the sort-of-good-guys known as Supreme Power.

The book will be written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Carlos Pacheco.

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