Dwayne Johnson Invites Pinoys to Watch “San Andreas”

A short clip featuring Dwayne Johnson inviting Filipinos to watch his latest film, “San Andreas” has just been released by Warner Bros. Watch the video here at https://youtu.be/9l2rlfRaQYk. The action adventure “San Andreas,” from New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures, reunites Dwayne Johnson with director Brad Peyton and producer Beau Flynn, following their collaboration…

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Marvel Releases Final Trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel Studios has released the final trailer for the film Avengers: Age of Ultron.   To be honest, we here at WAG think this is more of an "extended TV spot" rather than a proper third trailer but who are we to argue anyway? If you're trying to figure out what's the difference you have…

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Next Assassin’s Creed Game set in the Philippines

Some of you guys might recall the, ah. interesting discussions that floated around after this happened on the Internet late last year, due to a lovely Photoshopped image that popped up on Facebook. Some of us dared to hope.   We called, and according to our friends in the Game Developer's Association of the Philippines, Ubisoft has answered.  …

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Square Enix Officially Announces the Long Awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake Set for 2018

Square Enix went online today to announce that they have finally agreed to release a Playstation 4 exclusive remake of Final Fantasy VII. According to reports, the game will be taking advantage of the Playstation 4's amazing microprocessor to remake everything from the beloved RPG franchise. Even better news is the fact that there will…

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