Delayed Impressions: Netflix’s Jessica Jones, Season 1

This article contains spoilers for Season 1 of Jessica Jones. You've been warned. I've been trying to get my thoughts in order over Jessica Jones ever since I binge-watched the series. Getting the right words down has been difficult, because it's is not an easy show to watch. It's not built along the lines of what we've perhaps…

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Get Your Cape On! – DC SuperHero Girls

Too many factors! There are so many factors, I don’t know where to start! If you’re wondering, I’m talking about the latest line DC released: DC’s Superhero Girls. DC has been busy, and in a good way! From the We Are Robin comics to the new issues of Batgirl, DC seems to be trying for…

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Delayed Impressions: CW’S The 100

I’m going to be honest: the initial reason why I picked up this show was because I’ve trooped back into the dangerous world of roleplaying on Dreamwidth blogs, and have grown intrigued by my game mates who all have muses from The 100. I received plenty of apologetic preambles to the people who pitched it…

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Awesome Cartoons This 2015 – Star vs The Forces of Evil!

A first look at Disney XD’s newest series Star vs The Forces of Evil created by Daron Nefcy! Why does everybody love it so much, you ask? Well if you’re looking for magic wands, burning rainbows, and being raised by the castle guards during infancy, then you’ll definitely love this new show!

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#KimTiu reviews the 2015 Primetime Emmy nominations!

The hashtag #KimTiu started as a joke between friends that has evolved into an awesomely weird (or is it weirdly awesome?) pop culture partnership. It is composed of WAG contributors Sean, the monotonous guy, and Kim, the guy who eats like Galactus. Kim: "Awards Season shenanigans! It's that time of the year again and, like…

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