Harrison Wells revealed in of next week’s episode of ‘The Flash’

The Flash Facebook page revealed an exclusive extended trailer for next week's episode. It features the full story behind what really happened to Dr. Wells and the Reverse Flash, 15 years prior. It's another crossover episode, this time featuring Arrow's Katie Cassidy (Sarah Lance) and Paul Blackthorne (Captain Quentin Lance), that's sure to get you…

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New Daredevil trailer!

With only a month to go, Marvel Television and Netflix have just released the 2nd trailer for Daredevil! The new trailer gives a better look at Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock, Karen Page, and even Stick! Also, is that Ben Affleck hugging a young Matt Murdock? If so, that would be a really great transition cameo in…

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Community Lives On with Season 6 on Yahoo!

With its acquisition last year by Yahoo!, it seems that popular comedy series Community will live up to its Six Seasons and a Movie slogan promise. For the past few weeks, Facebook has been teasing images of the upcoming new season that will stream on Yahoo! Screen every Tuesday, beginning March 17, 2015. Watch their…

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Project Castor and more betrayal? ‘Orphan Black’ hints at Season 3 twists in first trailer

Betrayal and (more) clone-murder seem to be the themes of cult sci-fi TV series Orphan Black's third season. BBC America has dropped the first trailer, which hints at what's in store for Sarah Manning and her crew of clones - all played by the stunningly talented Tatiana Maslany. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2Vhk6rb-Gc As we all remember, Season 2 wrapped…

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The Joker is coming to ‘Gotham’

Fox teases the next Gotham episode, entitled "The Blind Fortune Teller," with a heavy-handed reference to Batman's archnemesis. The preview doesn't name the Joker outright: instead, it cuts to shot of a young man (Cameron Monaghan) being questioned by Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), who lets out that uncanny, maniacal laugh. You be the judge.…

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