Time to go ‘Full Throttle’ on FOX Sports!

Let’s face it, dear What’s A Geek readers (yes, both of you) – this blog is composed mostly of comic book-reading, anime-loving, geeks. Fast cars and everything that goes with that lifestyle do not appeal to most of the WAG crew. So it was intriguing when FOX Sports invited us to attend the launch party of their…

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#PitchAShowToGMA: The Best Twitter Reactions to ‘Alyas Robin Hood’

So, Internet, over the weekend, while we were busy geeking out and celebrating everything about being a nerd at APCC, this happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OaFACG0Rzo Yeah. GMA's Alyas Robin Hood was revealed, along with not-so-subtle similarities to a certain show airing on the CW called Arrow. (more…)

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Behold the New Marvel and Netflix Trailers at SDCC: ‘Luke Cage,’ ‘Iron Fist,’ and ‘The Defenders!’

Here we go, everybody. Netflix and Marvel just unleashed a bunch of teasers just now at SDCC. If Jessica Jones and Daredevil ate up a bunch of weekends back when they first came out, time to clear out a few months' worth of your time for these brand-new Marvel treats. (more…)

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‘Kamen Rider Amazons’ Trailer is Violent as F*ck

If you're into Japanese tokusatsu but can't stand how made for kids some of those shows are, you're in luck. There's a new Kamen Rider series on Amazon Japan, loosely based on the 1974 series Kamen Rider Amazon, which was notoriously short-lived due to its violent content. And - I mince no words - this new incarnation…

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Now You Can Spoil ‘Game of Thrones’ to Your Friends Instantly

I'm pretty sure you've been avoiding spoilers the moment an episode of your favorite show - like, say, Game of Thrones - airs but somehow a huge spoiler or two can slip through the cracks. We've all had that friend who likes to post spoilers the moment it happens. Those friends are what you would call assholes. We've plotted…

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