Martin Shkreli sets his sights on Magic: The Gathering

It started out on this MagicTCG subreddit and everyone thought it was a prank. Turns out,it was the real Martin Shkreli asking redditors for advice! He was interested on investing in Magic: The Gathering cards and more specifically the Reserved List. He calls himself "a collector of wine, art and other goods." Specifically, he is eyeing the…

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Exciting New Magic: The Gathering Documentary To Be Released.

A new Magic: The Gathering documentary about the card game titled Enter the Battlefield-Life on the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour is set to be released later this month. The documentary will feature the stories and struggles of seven influential players of the popular card game such as Patrick Chapin "The Innovator", a player and brewer…

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5 Reasons Why White Wolf & World of Darkness Is Awesome

2014 began with a significant amount of heartbreak for White Wolf fans. CCP cancelled the development of the World of Darkness MMORPG, which had suffered from “a long and troubled expensive development cycle”, as Ben Kuchera wrote in a piece for Polygon last year. What had started out with a bang and a whole lot…

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Legend of the Twenty Years: Fantasy Flight Games Purchases the L5R Brand

The morning of September 12th, 2015 saw the local side of the tabletop gaming internet exploding into a rapidly-shifting flurry of shock, anguish and conviction. It's official, folks. After twenty long years as a collectible card game (CCG), the Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) brand is going over to Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) to…

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