NJPW New Japan Cup Schedules and 1st Round Prelims Predictions

New Japan Pro Wrestling will be holding their annual New Japan Cup beginning tomorrow, featuring the some of the top heavyweights of the Japanese pro wrestling scene. Let's take a quick look at the tournament itself and make some (snarky) predictions along the way. (more…)

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Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling to hold joint shows again!

Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling will be holding another set of shows together this coming May, as confirmed by ROH. This marks the second straight year that the two promotions will hold joint shows, but this time there will be 3 show dates available: War of the Worlds on May 13th in…

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The Most Anticipated Match of this Boxing Era is Finally Happening – Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

There you have it folks, on the second of May at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, the match of the decade is finally happening. It was a nearly six-year wait, but negotiations have ended and the fight was announced Friday afternoon by Mayweather's camp. Mayweather is Mr. Undefeated (with 26 KOs) and he's a champion in…

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The Philippine Wrestling Revolution: Where it has been and where it is going

Wrestling isn't dead; in fact, it's very much alive, and there's a new breed of men and women doing the impossible: the awesome guys of PWR or Philippine Wrestling Revolution. WAG is introducing PWR to the world, especially to the huge pro-wrestling community in the Philippines. In this interview, we talked to Ouel Babasa, Creative Director for PWR and got some insight…

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