Frank Miller Returns to Batman with The Dark Knight III: The Master Race

DC Comics has finally revealed what they've been cooking for awhile now; the third installment of Frank Miller's Batman story called The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Nothing much at the moment except for the fact that the acclaimed "Daredevil" and "300" scribe will be working closely with Wonder Woman writer and "100 Bullets" creator…

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SPOILERS: A Member of the Original Five X-Men from All New X-Men Comes Out of the Closet

There be trouble in paradise as people are now talking about this week's All New X-Men # 40 and the controversial outing of one of the original five or "O5" X-Men. We love you so much that we decided to spoil it already. Well at the deeper end of this article anyway.      …

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‘The Avengers Experience’ comes to the Philippines

SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. brings in the only Avenger themed exhibit in the Philippines. The Avengers Experience comes to life at The Block Atrium of SM City North EDSA this Summer from April 20 to May 16, 2015. The event is perfect timing for all the fans of the comics and movies, especially with the…

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New Post-Convergence Batman Identity Leaked

Big News! DC is still crazy! Here's proof.   Aside from turning Batman into a hybrid between Chappie and Robocop and Appleseed (as seen above and below)   They've also changed whos inside the Batman armor as evidenced below: Holy crap, they ditched Bruce Wayne as Batman and have Gotham's main character Jim Gordon (Commissioner Gordon to…

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Spider-Gwen Creator Robbi Rodriguez Speaks Up on Frank Cho’s Parody

It's not yet over for the ballad of the Frank Cho-Spider-Gwen-Manara-pose as another player has chimed in regarding the 'controversial' artwork - Spider-Gwen's 'creator' Robbi Rodriguez.   Here's the artwork in question: Rodriguez later went on his Facebook account to put in additional comments. Thanks for my making my feed entertaining. You kids have knocked…

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