Konoha Diaries: Boruto the Movie Review

After the screening of The Last: Naruto the Movie a few months back, some of us were quite intrigued on how things would be with regards to Naruto and Hinata's life after marriage. A few have already been speculating that there will be another manga, continuing Masashi Kishimoto's work; a Gaiden of some sorts. Looks like…

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‘Heneral Luna’ Review: An Uncompromising Look At A Larger-Than-Life Hero

Heneral Luna, directed by Jerrold Tarog and starring John Arcilla, is about General Antonio Luna’s attempts to lead an often-fractured early version of the Philippine Army against a superior American force. Set a few months before his death, the movie explores Luna’s life, his uncompromising nature, and how his unflinching loyalty to his vision of…

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The Scorch Trials Review: Holy Shit

Warning: If you are a literary/book purist, TURN BACK NOW. This review is mostly spoiler-free!  (more…)

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Guy Ritchie is too cool for school in ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’

Guy Ritchie is known for refusing to play by the rules of the genres he plays with, as clearly seen in his filmography. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is no exception. Ritchie manages to craft a sleek and stylish, if sometimes jarring, revival of a beloved 1960s TV show. Though his ideas don’t always work in…

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Attack on Titan movie review: Prepare to Despair, One Way or the Other

Shingeki no Kyojin, probably better known as Attack on Titan, is currently one of the most successful manga and anime properties in recent times. The franchise now enters the live-action movie foray, and we've lived to tell the tale, unlike most of the civilization of that story. Here is our Attack on Titan movie review!…

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‘Fantastic Four’ Review: Trank of Darkness

Fantastic Four is the third attempt in history to adapt Marvel’s First Family to the silver screen, including Roger Corman’s unreleased version from the 1990s. Like those previous efforts, it is a complete bust. However, unlike other reviews, I wouldn’t go far as to say it is a completely irredeemable train wreck that should never…

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