ESGS 2018 Day 0: A Focus On Growth

This year's E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS 2018) aims to focus on fostering growth to a budding gaming industry in the Philippines. As one of the biggest gaming conventions in the country, #ESGS2018 finds itself in the position to give gamers and enthusiasts the opportunity to get to know the local and international gaming scene…

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Kontrabida Ball 2018: Geeks Party Hard Too!

What's an "adult" party like? To be honest, I'm not sure what that even means. Does "adult" imply there's a "children's" party? Do parties also enter a confusing but enlightening "puberty" stage? To be fair, I've only ever attended children's parties, and I've only ever been to gatherings for kainan. I've never had the opportunity…

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October 2018 Events And Happenings Calendar – What’s A Geek!

You may think geek events are over when our pal Jose Mari Chan officially opened the Holiday Season with his tunes. However, geeking out doesn't exactly follow a schedule. In fact, sometimes it gets you in the zone regardless of what you're doing. For instance, in this October 2018 events and happenings calendar, we'll see…

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September 2018 Events And Happenings Calendar – What’s A Geek!

August gave a lot of fans and enthusiasts a wild ride with a ton of conventions and events. Tensions remain high as convention season maintains an exciting environment for a lot of fans and hobbyists this year. If you only managed to get a breather from your workload or schoolwork now, September 2018 events and…

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MNL48 Releases Their Debut Single at the New Movie Star Café

  The First Generation of MNL48 has finally revealed their biggest pasabog! The MNL48 Debut Single is finally out! Our very own musical idols finally make their debut in the world of entertainment! The First Generation of MNL48 has just revealed their biggest pasabog in the form of their Debut Single. What's A Geek! and other members of the press,…

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APCC Manila 2018: Day 3, Climactic Ending, High Hopes

Geekdom remains strong during heavy rainfall as fans gather at the SMX Convention Center for the third and final day of this year's AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2018. Last day doesn't mean lame day, though, as more festivities remain to excite attendees to close the fourth iteration of the hit convention. Our crew here at What's…

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