What’s a Geek According to Vampy Bit Me Plus 5 Random Things

We're sure excited for this weekend's Asia Pop Comic Con and just to hype things up a bit more we went to the APCC press conference to ask the ever-important question to the beautiful cosplayer Vampy Bit Me aka Linda Le. What's a Geek for Linda Le: We, as geek people, when we see something…

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That Crazy Amazing Batman Self Preservation Suit Cosplay by Pablo Bairan

Cosplay Mania's main man Pablo Bairan does some great costumes for cosplay competitions but his latest cosplay might just take the cake in terms of awesomeness amongst Batman v Superman cosplayers. We here at WAG are taken aback at the quality and the attention detail to this self preservation suit. Not to mention that this…

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Taiwanese Hestia Cosplayer Gets Slammed for a Different Reason

Taiwanese cosplayer Ma You Rong is getting slammed by the local cosplay community in Taiwan specifically for her Hestia Cosplay which is garnering a lot of attention.   Hestia is one of the popular characters from the series Danmachi or Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? The character made waves in the past after creating…

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