Rainer Tachibana – A Cosplay Carnival Interview

Rainer Tachibana was one of the special guests of the first ever Cosplay Carnival, hosted by cosplay.ph. A highly versatile cosplayer from Singapore, Rainer has several fantastic cosplays including characters from the Final Fantasy franchise and the criminally, underrepresented Dynasty Warriors series. Dressed as Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Rainer answered a few questions from her Filipino fans, during Day…

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WaG at the Manila Hobbies and Collectibles Convention!

The birth of something new is always a wonder to behold: the 1st ever Manila Hobbies and Collectibles Convention! This event still has long ways to go to catch up with its more famous brethren, but it’s got heart where it counts: cool collectibles and a passionate community. It doesn’t hurt that there’s awesome swag,…

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Meet and Greet Ladybeard – Japan’s Cutest Pro-Wrestler and Heavy Metal Vocalist

Cosplaymania 2015 Presents: Meet and Greet Ladybeard Around the world, Japan is famous for being the home to many things weird and wonderful. Few things fit that description more aptly than Ladybeard. Currently residing in Japan, Ladybeard (real name: Rick Margery) is an Australian pro-wrestler and heavy metal singer who cosplays as a cute girl.…

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Meet and Greet Ying Tze – Elegant Cosplayer from Malaysia

Cosplaymania 2015 Presents: Meet and Greet Ying Tze Cosplaymania is the Philippine’s premiere cosplay convention, gathering both newbie and experienced cosplayers from around the nation. The organizers also invite prominent cosplayers from around the world, including famous cosplayer Ying Tze who has a Facebook page with more than 60,000 likes. Hailing from neighboring Malaysia, Ying…

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