New Death Note Film Trailer Out!

A new Death Note film, dubbed as a "forbidden sequel" to the two films which debuted in 2006, has just released their official trailer. According to Anime  News Network, the 2016 Death Note film will premier on October 29 in Japan this year.  Watch the trailer below: The film, dubbed Death Note: Light up the…

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Because Valentine's day was coming up, we at What's A Geek decided to figure out which Waifu is the best one to take out on a date. It didn't end well. Here are the staff of What's A Geek and their waifus, defending their otome values and why your waifu is just trash. You don't have…

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Digimon Adventure Tri: 16 Years of Waiting

‘Sup Digimon fans! Or should I say, Digi-destined? After 16 years of waiting, we’ll finally have a glimpse of how our favorite youngsters from Summer Camp grew up, matured, and still rocked protecting both the Digital World, and ours.

So, how did everyone change? Lemme give you a quick description of each of the kids (now young adults) and what metamorphosis happened during those missing years, including some author’s notes on the side:

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Hibike Euphonium Review – K-On! meets Whiplash

Hibike Euphonium Review - K-On! meets Whiplash Last Spring Season 2015, Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) tried its hand at another music anime. This time around,  Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium) was about a high school concert band. Initially viewed as another anime about cute girls doing cute things, KyoAni’s latest outing proved to be quite different from…

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