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Hamstah Fwend, Author at What's A Geek

Pre-PWR Renaissance: One-on-One with Victor E. Manuel

With PWR Renaissance just around the corner, we couldn't resist the opportunity when it came up: A quick n' dirty with Victor E. Manuel, sports commentator extraordinaire. It was more about him really but hey, were those last few bits a sneak peek into the PWR's near future?     PWR Renaissance is happening on September…

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PWR Renaissance: The Philippine Wrestling Revolution Goes Back To Its Roots And Beyond

The Philippine Wrestling Revolution takes it back to where it all began this month at PWR Renaissance. The first PWR Renaissance took place last year on September 27, 2014; this year's Renaissance is slated to wow fans and newcomers alike with both throwbacks and firsts--perhaps reflecting the PWR's growing fanbase. They say a renaissance man is…

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Legend of the Twenty Years: Fantasy Flight Games Purchases the L5R Brand

The morning of September 12th, 2015 saw the local side of the tabletop gaming internet exploding into a rapidly-shifting flurry of shock, anguish and conviction. It's official, folks. After twenty long years as a collectible card game (CCG), the Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) brand is going over to Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) to…

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