Hideo Kojima: The Last Auteur

After enduring an onslaught of douchbaggery from his former employers, Hideo Kojima finally severed the chains of Konami. The official news broke out when Kojima announced on Twitter that his employment contract with the much-hated game publisher was ultimately terminated. There was much jubilation around the infinite corners of the Internet. It was then followed…

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Crowdfunding For Psychonauts 2 Goes Live!

Tim Schafer along with the rest of his team at Double Fine studios announced that they will be working on Psychonauts 2, a direct sequel to the hit 2005 3D action/adventure platformer for the original Xbox. Schafer, the creative mind behind genre-defining games such as Monkey Island, Brutal Legend, and the first Psychonauts, said that he…

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Gamers and GMs: Keeping the tabletop experience alive

In this day and age, upon hearing the term RPG, we automatically associate it with an often-lonesome single-player interactive story, or a massively multiplayer romp where you team up with other players from all-over to gain EXP and loot. Both, of course, pertain to videogames. Long gone is the imagery of a group of friends…

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Manila Cup 2015 – JPN Contingent Dominates USF4 Tourney

Out of over 100 fighters that competed in the recently concluded Ultra Street Fighter IV (USFIV) tournament at the Manila Cup 2015, five Japanese players, two Chinese representatives, and a lone Hong Kong bet made their way to the Top 8 of the tournament brackets. Japan's Tonpy, who is also the highest ranked player in…

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Street Fighter V: Vega’s back and as beautiful as ever

The official Street Fighter V Youtube Channel recently released the reveal trailer for Vega, the series' resident narcissistic high-flyer. To those not familiar with Street Fighter's Spanish Ninja, Vega has been a series mainstay since Street Fighter II. And throughout his numerous appearances in the franchise, his play style and feel has changed very little. His…

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