APCCPH 2016 Day One Highlights!

Even before doors opened at 12 noon today, a huge crowd has already lined up outside SMX Convention Center for this year’s AsiaPOP Comic Con. So far, so good. Comic artists have arrived and are willing to autograph your singles and trades, cosplayers are everywhere, and Magic: the Gathering is offering free tutorials for those…

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Prepare for Trouble: ‘Pokémon Go’ Safety Tips

After patiently waiting for it, Pokémon Go is (legally) coming to our shores soon! July 27 soon, if the rumors are to be believed. Now that we’ve given our fellow Pokémon trainers in other countries a head start, we’re seeing so many news reports of people being targeted by armed robbers, finding corpses, and getting…

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#NerdMusicMonday: Game of Thrones Spotify Part II

Welcome to #NerdMusicMonday, where we feature some of the greatest geek-inspired music to start your week on the right note. We also review geek-inspired music things that we see floating around the Internet, for better or worse. In the spirit of riding with the high (and salt, and tears, and desperation...) that comes with watching…

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What’s a Geek Spotlight: Our Favorite LGBTQ Characters

9 out of 10 times, the most fabulous members of a cast - the LBTQ+ characters - don't get nearly enough loving. To make matters worse, complex/multi-dimensional LGBTQ+ waifus and husbandos are so difficult to find. Some members of our team have decided to bring them front and center. We'd like to show our love for these…

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Holy Sh*t The Smaller and Smaller Circles Movie is a Thing!

I loved F.H. Batacan's novella Smaller and Smaller Circles so damned much I read it several times. I pimped it to everyone I knew, and I even taught it in my Literature 13 class. And now they're making a movie. The Smaller and Smaller Circles Movie is going to be directed by Raya Martin, best known for his films Autohystoria (2007), Independencia (2009), and La…

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