Another Pinoy character on Tekken 7?

Buoyed by the success of its newly released Filipina character Josie Rizal, the makers of Tekken 7 unveiled another fighter. "Bhoni Facio," Josie's male counterpart, specializes in the Pinoy martial art Sayonachi, short for Sayonachinelasko, which involves throwing slippers at one's foe. Bandai Namco Games' Katsuhiro Harada made the second surprise announcement following the "overwhelmingly…

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Fil-Am artist Rodney Fuentebella shares what it’s like to work at Marvel Studios

Hard work – lots of it – got Rodney Fuentebella to where he is today: a Senior Visual Development Illustrator at Marvel Studios. It's a gig that many a comic book fanboy might envy, but Rodney acknowledges that apart from talent, perseverance and drive played a role in landing him the dream job. The Filipino-American artist,…

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Harrison Ford Survives Plane Crash, Still Not Aware That He Is A Replicant

Disclaimer: We at What's A Geek may have confused reality with movies and this may not be a factual representation of events. Harrison Ford was injured in a small plane crash in Los Angeles. Police say the 72-year-old actor reportedly crashed his vintage single-engine aircraft on a golf course. The actor, known for his iconic…

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Project Castor and more betrayal? ‘Orphan Black’ hints at Season 3 twists in first trailer

Betrayal and (more) clone-murder seem to be the themes of cult sci-fi TV series Orphan Black's third season. BBC America has dropped the first trailer, which hints at what's in store for Sarah Manning and her crew of clones - all played by the stunningly talented Tatiana Maslany. As we all remember, Season 2 wrapped…

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The Joker is coming to ‘Gotham’

Fox teases the next Gotham episode, entitled "The Blind Fortune Teller," with a heavy-handed reference to Batman's archnemesis. The preview doesn't name the Joker outright: instead, it cuts to shot of a young man (Cameron Monaghan) being questioned by Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), who lets out that uncanny, maniacal laugh. You be the judge.…

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Trese’ creator Budjette Tan spills about ‘High Tide at Midnight’

The sixth release of the Trese series, High Tide at Midnight, came just in time for the holidays last year. WAG talked to Trese creator and writer Budjette Tan about the latest release, plans for the series, the sexual tension between Trese and Maliksi, and what kind of drinks they would serve up at the Diabolical. Questions contributed…

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