WTF Wattpad: ‘Claimed by my Bully’ [4/4]

Another WTF Wattpad. Why are still here? Why are we punishing ourselves? Oh, this is part 4 of our Claimed by my Bully review. Oh god, the edginess. What is up with that edginess. Please pass the tequila. I need to get numb. Again. Last time, our gay werewolf protagonist RJ gets sent on a mission to locate vampire criminal Michael Foricenzi.…

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WTF Wattpad: ‘Claimed by my Bully’ [3/4]

Oh God, another WTF Wattpad. This is part 3 of the ultra-edgy gay werewolf love story  Claimed by my Bully. I'm sorry, mom. This is not what you wanted for me. I could have been a doctor or engineer, but here I am, reviewing badly-written fiction on Wattpad. I'm sorry. So, so, sorry. Last time, RJ and his beloved…

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WTF Wattpad: ‘Claimed by my Bully’ [2/4]

Here we go again for another installment of WTF Wattpad! We're at the second part of our review of the ultra ~*~edgy~*~ gay werewolf romance novel, Claimed by my Bully. Are you ready for this dark and tortured novel involving lots and lots of cutting, drugs, and gay sex, where the author obviously had no idea how…

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WTF Wattpad: ‘Claimed by my Bully’ [1/4]

Welcome to another installment of WTF Wattpad, where we get a lucky What’s A Geek Writer to plumb the depths of despair (otherwise known as Wattpad) for badly-written fiction. Then we all review it and slowly lose grip on sanity. This week, Editor-In-Chief Rika Sioson found this romance novel between two gay werewolves, since we did…

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Because Valentine's day was coming up, we at What's A Geek decided to figure out which Waifu is the best one to take out on a date. It didn't end well. Here are the staff of What's A Geek and their waifus, defending their otome values and why your waifu is just trash. You don't have…

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WTF Wattpad: ‘Raped and Got Pregnant By A Vampire Prince’ [Part 3]

Welcome to WTF Wattpad, where a couple of lucky What's A Geek writers get to read and live through a form of torture called Wattpad. This is the third part of our epic Raped and Got Pregnant By A Vampire Prince. review. Why are we still here? Why are you still here? Previously: Julienne, who is…

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