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‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ – The What’s A Geek Mega Review

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a polarizing movie. There is a group of people who will defend it to the death, while there are others who are siding with the critics and will not stop talking about how much they hate this movie. We at What's A Geek feel that assigning Batman v…

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Anne Hathawill, Anne Hathaway! In ‘Princess Diaries 3!’

Heads up children! Legendary director Garry Marshall has dropped us a bomb. A huge one. Fifteen years after Anne Hathaway’s debut film, Princess Diaries, a third film is happening! We are headed back to Genovia for Princess Diaries 3! Like every other kid back in the year 2001, I’m totally gagging. Ten year old me, is kicking,…

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Visprint: Things to Look Forward to!

Since Summer Komikon is around the corner, I thought I’d better sit down and write something. Say, this long delayed article on what Visprint is going to release on 2016! I apologize to my editors, they know I’m not a regular but this is pretty late. But hey, when we’ve been waiting for Carlo Vergara’s…

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Ian McShane, Emily Browning added to ‘American Gods’ Roster

The American Gods casting train just keeps on chugging. Last time, we reported that Starz cast Ricky Whittle as the main protagonist Shadow Moon. Now, we got it off Neil Gaiman’s feed that we finally have our Laura Moon, too. Emily Browning of A Series of Unfortunate Events fame had bagged the role. She will…

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Dan Stevens is Professor X’s Son, Joins Aubrey Plaza and Jean Smart in ‘Legion’

When you’re a big X-Men fan like I am, every Marvel/Fox casting announcement is something to pounce at. They’ve done great casting since the First Class trilogy despite initial doubts on McAvoy and then newcomer Fassbender, proving that they have an eye for the correct talent for the right character. (more…)

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