Battle Splash: Indie Devs Take Water Guns to Shooters

This is water gun fights the way it was meant to be. Disengage your safeties and unwind in the intense soaking action of Battle Splash.

Battle Splash is a third-person competitive multiplayer shooter that brings the fun of RPG and shooting games, only with water. It takes inspiration from water fights, and has water-based weapons. Interestingly, it’s has a rather “friendly competitive” twist compared to conventional shooters.

Battle Splash is currently being developed by Dranya Studio, an independent video game development group from Hanoi, Vietnam. The game is being developed by its creator, designer and programmer Mai Nguyen Binh Hung. Battle Splash originally started four years ago as a small multiplayer prototype with partially-completed mechanics.

Fans of arena classics such as Doom, Quake and Team Fortress 2 will find solace in the friendly nature of Battle Splash.

Battle Splash: Water Guns Meet Competitive Shooters

Players take the role of four ordinary girls that have to combine their skills and their “weapons” to master the game. They are designated their own class, each with their own set of stats, traits, items and special weapons.

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Meanwhile, players can equip up to four weapons at once. The game offers a wide array of options to outwit opponents, all set against  mesmerizing environments. Players will find themselves anywhere from lush parks to populated towns. They’ll even get to play during different seasons!

Battle Splash has four different game modes. Three are competitive, and one is objectives-based. The weapons are easily accessible throughout the game, and range from water balloons to futuristic guns. It does, however, kick things up a notch by giving each class a unique weapon.

Shooting fans can play the game online, or offline with AI bots. It will even support up to 32-player matches in player-made servers, which will also offer network support for LAN parties.

Dranya will be adding a co-op campaign mode in the future, as well as open-world elements that are geared towards explaining the story of the game. Battle Splash will also feature modding support. This will eventually allow players all around the world to add their own ideas to the game.

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Interested? You know we are!

Players can check out Battle Splash in Steam Greenlight and Early Access. Meanwhile, you can also take a look at the game’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for more details.

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