Angelisse-sama is headed to the Vita, ‘Cross Ange’ gets a video game

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo, one of the season’s most polarizing anime series, will make its way onto PlayStation Vita screens this May (to the horror of those who bought Tales of Zestiria).

The anime tells the story of a fallen princess fighting against dragons, magic users, and Fetus Jesus using a transformable Strike Freedom Gundam production line mech called the Vilkiss. It is currently gettings raves, no thanks to keeping the Nanoha-Fate ship alive along with a horny Kira Yamato out to scavenge Angelisse-sama’s crotch. Hopefully the game keeps all those antics, as it features multiple sections: a scenario based simulation section and the mech riding section.

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Looks like Bandai Namco gets to reuse the engine they used in the Rinne no Lagrange hybrid disc and the Macross PSP games. Here’s hoping that they get to polish the system further because the one in Rinne no Lagrange totally sucked.

Zestiria had dragons too, right?

As with most anime-to-game tie-ins, a new game-only character would be introduced. Whether horny Kira Yamato gets to have his way with this new character still remains to be seen.

QUIZ TIME! What is her role in the game?

First-print copies will come with a special Cross Ange Vita theme. Bandai Namco also released a new trailer for it:

I doubt local retailers would get this, so go ask your seller if they can import it for you. I definitely will just for the Vita theme:

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The Cross Ange PSVita theme
Now you can bring Angelisse-sama anywhere you go!


Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo will be released on May 28 for the PlayStation Vita in both retail and digital download formats.

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