WWE News: AJ Lee “retires from in-ring competition”

In a surprise announcement over Twitter, WWE has announced that AJ Lee has “retired from in-ring competition.” 

The petite WWE Diva (real name: April Brooks) was just involved in a tag team match with Paige against The Bella Twins this past Wrestlemania weekend.

It is currently not known what lead to this decision, but speculation runs rampant that WWE’s current situation with her husband CM Punk is a primary cause. Other floating rumors include her being pregnant and just taking time off for that.

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There’s also some AJ Lee fans that think that this is a “work”, an angle currently worked on in WWE.

During her tenure in WWE, AJ Lee has been a multi-time WWE Diva’s champion, and a former Raw General Manager. She was involved in storylines with various main event talent like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk and even with The Authority’s Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

Speaking of CM Punk…

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